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Dr. Joseph H. Dutton has served in Kingdom ministry for over 27 years, preaching and ministering since the age of 14. Dr. Dutton cut his teeth in Pentecost and the message of Sonship. His ministry is a direct result of being fathered and fed by the generals in the faith and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Ministries at home and abroad seek for his prophetic ministry and apostolic covering. Having traveled and led apostolic teams to South America, South Africa and West Africa; His view of The Church of Jesus Christ is from a global perspective. Dr. Dutton holds two doctorates from Cathedral Bible College in Marion, SC (An international Bible College that his late father, Apostle J. L. Dutton, Sr. helped begin in 1975) and also from Tabernacle Seminary in Tampa, FL.  Dr. Dutton and his wife, Lynette (a certified Leadership Coach with John Maxwell), reside in Rutherford County, North Carolina. They are the overseers of Dominion Harvest Fellowship International and the Set Man at The Epicenter Church (formally New Harvest Church) in Forest City, NC. The Epicenter, an Apostolic Center for the Kingdom of God, is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing ministries in the Rutherford County area. Dr. Dutton, served in ministry in Augusta, GA at New Covenant Christian Center as a Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor for 19 years.  Dr. Dutton and Lynette lauched Dominion Life Church in Chattanooga, TN and also served in ministry at The Potter's House North in Dallas, TX under the great leadership of Bishop Joby & Sheryl Brady. Endeavoring to build a house that stretches beyond denominational, regional and cultural walls, they are pioneers of Kingdom thought in the Western North Carolina area. Husband, father, church planter, and apostolic overseer; Dr. Dutton’s heart is to see a fresh move of the Holy Spirit bring reformation to the Church that will create and build the Culture of the Kingdom in the earth. Fathering a ministry and a message into the next generation, Dr. Joseph & Lynette Dutton are endeavoring to build lives, loyalty and legacy that will last way beyond their lifetime.  Dr. Dutton is an active member of the LTMA (Leroy Thompson Ministerial Alliance), under the leadership of Apostle Leroy Thompson in Darrow, LA.  





Pastor Lynette Dutton, Co-Pastor of The Epicenter Church alongside her husband Dr. Joseph Dutton and her children Destiny and Ben, moved to Forest City, NC completely led by God. Having served under the leadership of Bishop Joby & Sheryl Brady of The Potter's House North Dallas, Lynette knew that it would take everything she had previously learned and currently believed in to leave their place of comfort and branch out on their own, in this small yet perfectly positioned quiet town. Her faith in God, her ability to hear God for herself and through the voice of her husband corralled the hope in her and hope has led her home. Pastor Lynette considers herself to be a very fortunate individual. Having been exposed to and worked with some great leaders throughout her life and others who she admits weren't so great for what she knew she needed, caused a passion to rise in her to become the best leader possible. "Empowering others to achieve success and significance in their life’s pursuit is at the heart of what makes me who I am," she often says as she goes about her many responsibilities as a wife, a mother, a Pastor and a coach. Pastor Lynette completed her coaching certification through the world-renowned Dream Releaser Coaching by Dr. Samuel Chand in 2011 and continued her pursuit for leadership excellence by joining the also globally heralded John Maxwell team in 2012.When asked how her background prepared her to inspire hope in others while helping them ignite their dreams, Pastor Lynette states very simply: "I have spent the last twenty years in leadership roles both in Corporate America and in the Church. From Bank Manager with Wachovia Bank and District Sales Leader with Aflac (both being Fortune 500 companies), to being a church planter and Pastor; it’s all given me a unique perspective as a consultant, coach and trainer. In addition to that, my favorite job is being a wife and a mother. At times it can get a little crazy juggling everything but I work to maintain balance in my life and career, all the while keeping God at the very center of it all. It’s through these experiences that I have sought to learn and apply leadership principles to every area of my life. In doing so I have been able to achieve enhanced productivity, create strategic solutions and maximize my effectiveness as a leader among leaders. When I look at my life through the lens of faith in transition, hope for the future and strength for now; I'm charged to infuse this same drive into others, especially women and couples." Lynette, is quietly one of the most sought after women by others with incredible testimonials and "life breakthroughs" in the country.